One of the definitions Wikipedia uses to define "Sweat Equity" is:

"The value added to real estate by owners who make improvements by their own toil. The more labor applied to the home, and the greater the resultant increase in value, the more sweat equity that has been used. Some home improvement projects have the potential to create more value than do other projects. Wallpaper, floor coverings and paint can dress up an old residence and make it more appealing to buyers. Improvements to bathrooms and kitchens are the most valuable sources of additional value".

Weekend WarriorZ NC will work with you through out the entire project or just help you get started. With the proper direction and guidance, most homeowners can perform many jobs themselves. We make ourselves available to assist on an as needed basis if you get stuck along the way.

What a great way to minimize cost and learn something you may be able use later on your next project!

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